Radio.Delivery is a new system, designed to make delivery easier and archiving smarter. We’ve also created a system to help you manage your music and artist usage rights better. Radio.Delivery launches on 1 February 2021. Your login credentials will remain the same (you can use your Digital Delivery username & password to log into

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Media Host is a tech-savvy solutions driven company revolutionising the management, verification and distribution of digital content in Sub-Saharan Africa.


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Welcome to Digital Delivery

We’ve delivered over 50 000 radio commercials to stations to date and are trusted by some of the biggest names in audio post-production both locally and internationally. Our service makes sending your radio ads to stations as quick and easy as possible, with just 3 easy steps. Simply log in to your account, enter the agency, client and product. Upload your audio files and choose which stations the ads should be sent to. On the final page you will be presented with a quote for the delivery and after accepting it, and our terms & conditions, your ads will be queued for delivery. It’s that simple!

We have an extensive network so you can deliver your ads to a wide variety of stations across South Africa. We take care of converting your audio files to the correct format for each broadcaster or media distributor, and audio sent via our service is transmitted over our own high-speed network. Our clients can also login to our website at any time and track the progress of their deliveries.

Digital Delivery can simplify and significantly speed up your delivery times while at the same time saving you money. Go ahead and Register now!

What our clients say

I absolutely love Digital Delivery. The simplicity makes is so fast. A few fields to fill in and that’s it done. The upload, flies on my system. Their recent update giving you the option to tick which boxes to send, which spot, is awesome. That would have been the only thing I would have changed and now it’s there. #perfect.
Paul, Sound Engineer

We have found the system to be extremely efficient and a safe means to delivering our clients material to station with the confidence that flighting deadlines are met with no hiccups. The regular feedback and accessibility of the website all contributes to a quick, efficient method of delivery giving us peace of mind throughout the dispatching process.
Alison, Producer

We have found the system to be reliable, fast, user-friendly & very efficient. It has simplified the process of station master dispatch & made our lives much easier.
Natalie, Producer